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Big News!

I’m pregnant! Well, sort of. I’m having another book. Really, though, it’s funny that the publishing process takes about as long as human gestation. So, I’ll be having some morning sickness (marketing planning). And some contractions (edits & proofs). And some cravings (for fun)….

Reading on the Go

Keep a book in your car, in your pocket, in your purse or backpack so you always have something good to read wherever your day takes you.

Reading is a Treasure

Books are amazing. How can one item be packed with so many ideas, adventures, friends and places? Words. They give meaning to life, help us understand our world and one another and often provided a necessary escape. I’m looking forward to my next escape…

Lost Girl

This picture makes me think of Misty, the lost girl in Escaping Neverland. There’s a reason there’s only one girl (two if you count Jane) but you’ll have to read the book to find out why. With the moon in view, and dusk coming…

Katiana in Fluttering Forest

Sometimes I find just the right image to capture one of my characters. This reminded me of Katiana from Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem. I imagine she is out walking through the forest taking a moment to leave behind her seven little…