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Christmas Jar Stealth Plans

It will happen in a day or two or three. My family and I will go out to eat at a restaurant that shall not be named. We’ll order food and eat and enjoy being together. We’ll keep our poker faces on as we… Continue Reading “Christmas Jar Stealth Plans”

Happy Anniversary

  Today marks four months since Escaping Neverland was published. Books usually only reach a wide audience by word of mouth so I thought I’d ask for some help to get the word out there. If you’ve read the book, would you please consider… Continue Reading “Happy Anniversary”

Goodreads Giveaway

Just a reminder that you can enter to win one of SEVEN copies of Escaping Neverland on goodreads. This giveaway goes until June 30th. Please share with your friends and don’t forget to put Escaping Neverland in your “to-read” category on goodreads.

Three, Two, One, . . .

Guys, it’s launch time! Escaping Neverland is officially released. If you pre-ordered on Amazon, your book should be shipping soon. If you’ve been waiting to get the book in person, you’re in luck. I’ve got three events this summer in three locations. I hope… Continue Reading “Three, Two, One, . . .”

Cover Reveal

Here it is! I am very pleased with the cover and think it is stunning. Can’t wait for release in less than four months!