Meet the Author

Melissa Lemon began twisting fairy tales in the fifth grade when she wrote a story about George of the Jungle making his way to Neverland. She has since published several novels including Cinder and Ella (2011), Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem (2012), Sleeping Beauty and the Beast (2014), and Escaping Neverland (2019). Melissa is married to a frog prince and has three princesses. She is also the warden of a tolerant cat named Matilda, and two affectionate dogs, Sula & Hana. Melissa loves yoga, hiking, making yummy treats, and especially spending time with family and friends. She lives at the mouth of a windy canyon where she is always working on her next project.

Melissa speaks at libraries, schools and events about hope, creativity, and the writing process. For speaking engagements, signing requests, feedback or questions, please visit the Bookings page.