My Covid Babies

Meet Hana and Sula. Last March, my husband and I finally gave into years of begging and agreed to get a dog. We welcomed Sula (pictured on the right) into our family in March 2020, just before things began to lock down. She brings a lot of energy to our home. So much energy that we thought it best she had a friend. Hana joined us just before Christmas. They were born 9 months apart, and I lovingly call them my covid babies. Sula is a lab/havanese mix and loves to play fetch, hike, practice tricks, and sprint alongside a bike or running buddy. She loves people and other dogs. She has so much get up and go and loves me more than anything. It’s cute. Her name means “little bear by the water” in Hawaiian and it’s very fitting. She loves to swim and splash in rivers and lakes. Hana is cuddly and calm. We rescued her from a shelter. She’s an akita mix so will outgrow Sula eventually. They are best friends and play most of the day. What changes happened in your home last year?

Character Spotlight Leaving-on-a-Train-Jane

Escaping Neverland included a little research about train stations in London because of a spunky, fearless girl named Jane. Peter Pan may have the title of the book, but Jane is the heroine. A bit feminist, a bit impulsive, a bit broken, this character taught me a lot about intuition and courage. What fictional characters have stayed with you long after reading or writing?

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Christmas Jar Stealth Plans

It will happen in a day or two or three. My family and I will go out to eat at a restaurant that shall not be named. We’ll order food and eat and enjoy being together. We’ll keep our poker faces on as we converse with our waiter or waitress. When the check is given, we’ll slip our credit card into the handy little slot and wait for our waitress or waiter to take it and bring it back. When we leave the restaurant, we’ll also leave this little jar behind for the kind person who served us. I hope it brings a smile to their face. I love this time of year. Happy giving!

Happy Anniversary

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Today marks four months since Escaping Neverland was published. Books usually only reach a wide audience by word of mouth so I thought I’d ask for some help to get the word out there.

If you’ve read the book, would you please consider giving it a review on goodreads and amazon?

While you’re on goodreads, you could recommend it to your goodreads friends and followers that you think would like it.

Social media is always a good way to get the word out. Would you please consider giving the book a shout-out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media outlet?

It is also helpful to get the book in libraries. Would you consider checking to see if the book is at your library? If they don’t carry it, consider calling your library and asking them if they will make it part of their collection.

All of these things help authors get the word out about their creation. Thanks for your support!